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Learning Disabilities treatment in care homes is shocking

Do you remember the Winterbourne view scandal uncovered by Panarama? Well this led to an inquiry and report by Sir Stephen Bubb in which he recommended that people in long term hospitals and unsuitable care homes were moved back into their communities.

This was back in 2011 yet little has been done by the Government to achieve this outcome.

In fact in Sir Stephen Bubb’s latest report he has criticised the lack of progress and said that a Commissioner should be appointed to drive forward reform.

In his initial report he made 10 recommendations, including closing large “inappropriate in-patient facilities” in favour of care services for people in their own community and the introduction of a legal charter of rights for them and their families. But he later reported an “absence of any tangible progress”.

For more on this news see this article

Let us not forget however that there are care homes in the community that provide an excellent service.

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