Disputing a CHC funding decision.

Disputing a CHC (Continuing Healthcare) funding decision in the UK refers to the process of challenging the decision made by a local Integrated Care Board (ICB) regarding the eligibility of an individual for CHC funding. CHC funding is a package of care provided by the NHS for individuals with complex and ongoing healthcare needs. If an individual is deemed eligible, the CCG will fund the individual’s care needs. However, if the individual is deemed ineligible, they have the right to dispute the decision.

Types of Disputing a CHC Funding Decision.

There are several tiers which an individual must follow to dispute a CHC funding decision. These include:

Local Resolution

The first step in the dispute resolution process is to raise the concern with the ICB. The individual can request a local review of the decision. The ICB will appoint a panel to review the case and make a decision.

Independent Review

If the individual is not satisfied with the outcome of the local resolution, they can request an independent review. This is conducted by NHS England, who will appoint an independent review panel to assess the case.

NHS Complaints Procedure

The individual can make a complaint through the NHS complaints procedure where there may have been issues with process.

Judicial Review

If all other options have been exhausted, the individual may have the right to seek a judicial review. This is a legal process where the decision made by the ICB is reviewed by a judge.

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