A previous un-assessed period of care.

A claim for a previously un-assessed period of care in the UK refers to a process by which individuals who have previously received care, but whose eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding was not assessed, can make a claim to have that period of care assessed. CHC funding is a package of care provided by the NHS for individuals with complex and ongoing healthcare needs.

Retrospective Claim.

A retrospective claim or a claim for a previously un-assessed period of care is made when an individual has received care in the past but was not assessed for CHC funding at the time.


This may have been due to a lack of awareness of the funding. The individual that was receiving care may have passed away, however the executors of the estate can still pursue a claim on behalf of the estate.


Making a claim for a previously un-assessed period of care is a complex process and it means that individuals who were previously receiving care and it was being funded by themselves of by social care and themselves, can have a full assessment of eligibility for CHC funding.

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