Community Care Assessments

Community Care Assessments

​What are Community Care assessments?

They are assessments undertaken by social services staff when it appears to a local authority that an adult may have needs for care and support.

​Day care or meals on wheels?

A local authority, in carrying out a needs assessment, must involve:

Community Care assessments

a) the adult,
b) any carer that the adult has, and
c) any person whom the adult asks the authority to involve or, where the adult lacks capacity to ask the authority to do that, any person who appears to the authority to be interested in the adult’s welfare. The Care Act 2014

Where someone is in need of immediate support a local authority can temporarily provide or arrange for the provision of community care services without carrying out an assessment if that person requires those services as a matter of urgency.

Where a local authority is satisfied on the basis of a needs or carer’s assessment that an adult has needs for care and support or that a carer has needs for support, it must determine whether any of the needs meet the eligibility criteria.


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