Community Care

Community Care

​If you, or someone you care for, need help to manage at home because you are sick or disabled, elderly and infirm the local authority social services department can provide or arrange a variety of community care services for you. 

The services that may be available include:

Personal care to assist with things such as getting up, washing, dressing, bathing, feeding and getting around;
Domestic help such as cleaning, shopping and laundry.

Adaptations to a disabled person’s home, for example, stair lifts, ramps, handrails, raised toilet seats, lowering work tops, equipment for safety, comfort and convenience (e.g. bath seats, handrails, alarm systems, hoists, movable baths, adapted switches and handles, special beds, chairs and kitchen equipment).

Transport to and from services.

Leisure, occupational and rehabilitation activities in day centres, training centres, workshops and holiday homes;
Respite care if someone is caring for a disabled person; and ‘Meals on wheels’, or lunches in day centres.

Distinction needs to be made between powers and duties to provide social services and health provision, both for people with a disability and elderly people.

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