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    Q&A Part Two

    Posted in NHS Continuing Healthcare on Mar 23, 2020

    Do you have questions about NHS Continuing Healthcare, funding, eligibility or disputes? Read on to see Sharon Lamerton of Care or Not answer some of your questions in our second Q&A instalment. What is NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, and can all people receiving care apply? “NHS Continuing Healthcare funding is funding from the NHS for somebody who has what is known as a primary healthcare need. Only people with a primary healthcare need are eligible. Not all people will be eligible, but anybody can apply, those who are definitely not going to be eligible can be screened out of the proce...

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    Q&A Part One

    Posted in Community Care on Mar 05, 2020

    Do you have questions regarding the care needs of a loved one? How to begin choosing a care home? Or how to safeguard your own future? Read on to see Sharon Lamerton of Care or Not answer some of your questions in our first Q&A instalment. What do you need to know if your relative is advised to move into a care home? “One of the things you would want to know, is whether the home would be able to meet your relatives needs. Every person’s needs are different and there are different care homes available to meet those needs. There are care homes for people with dementia, care homes for people wi...

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    Plymouth Council call for more dementia funding

    Posted in Community Care, NHS Continuing Healthcare on Feb 24, 2020

    A recent article for Plymouth Live details how a Plymouth councillor is campaigning for improved funding for dementia care. Unfortunately, a lack of funding can result in individuals being unable to access the care that they require or families having to self-fund care. This is a national problem, not isolated to Plymouth alone, however with more awareness and people supporting the change that is needed then perhaps we will see the re-form that the government has promised. The council are trying...

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    The domains of the Decision Support Tool

    Posted in NHS Continuing Healthcare on Feb 24, 2020

    Our blog post ‘An introduction to the decision process for NHS Continuing Healthcare’ introduced the Decision Support Tool (DST) used to gather evidence and assess the level of care needs for an individual in order to recommend whether they are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare. We will now investigate the highest level of care needs that are classified within each domain, at the most severe level (‘priority’, ‘severe’ or ‘high’) for an individual to able to access NHS funding. The first care domain that is assessed is ‘breathing’. Being unable to breathe independently and thus requiring...

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    An Introduction to the Decision Process for NHS Continuing Healthcare

    Posted in NHS Continuing Healthcare on Feb 17, 2020

    An Introduction to the Decision Process for NHS Continuing Healthcare A Decision Support Tool (DST) is used by the Department of Health and Social Care to determine whether a patient is eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. The most recent tool was published in March 2018 and revised in October 2018. A comprehensive assessment and evaluation of an individual's current health and social care needs is completed by a multidisciplinary team (MDT). The MDT compromises of at least two professionals from different healthcare professions. The needs of the individual in question are divided...


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